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The Weight of the World LP 2020

The debut album from Barcelona-based band Morningblind, composed and arranged by Sandra Bossy-Retti with lyrics by Richard Hayden and Sandra Bossy-Retti. The LP starts out with the changing rhythms and tempos of the art-rock-influenced, eponymous opening track and progresses through spare, lo-fi, synth-soaked songs using looped and live ukuleles and jangling guitars to arrive at the central stand-out track The Caller and then journeys back again wearing its folk influences on its sleeve, until the final, dream-like sumptuousness of the album’s closer – Winter Dance. Throughout Sandra's vocals soar, adding emotional heft to songs that seek to uncover the beauty, glory that lies beneath our sometimes troubled relationships with each other and the world we live in.

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Morningblind- The Spring EP 2017

Soaring folk

Intimate, immediate, personal folk songs.  stripped down compositions to hit you in the chest

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Few artists can create an engrossing effort that is as strong at the end as it was at the beginning; The Spring is a must-listen release for any fan of intricate and deep music.


About Us


morningblind és la col·laboració entre la cantautora catalana Sandra Bossy Retti i el lletrista anglès Richard Hayden, que desemboca en un estil on conflueixen diverses influències: folk, jazz, pop, rock i música clàssica.

Aquest projecte va veure la llum a principis del 2017, amb la publicació del nostre EP. Enguany estem gravant el nostre primer LP, combinant el treball a l’estudi de gravació amb els concerts a casa nostra i a l’estranger.

morningblind is a collaboration between Catalan singer-songwriter Sandra Bossy Retti and British lyricist Richard Hayden, based in Catalunya. The result is a style that draws from folk, jazz, pop, rock and classical influences.

​This project started life with the release of an EP in 2017. We are currently recording our first LP, combining work in the recording studio with live concerts at home and abroad.

Photo: S. Vilimaite

  Live Shows

Past Shows


Dec 4 Cal Còbix, El Bruc (guest appearance with Quico 13)


Feb 8 Hot Blues, Igualada (open Mic)

Feb 19 Espai NUT, Barcelona (solo)

June 10 Cal Còbix, El Bruc (duo)

June 18 Castell Mediona, Mediona (duo)

July 13 El Punt/Avui (live TV performance + interview)

July 14 Can Carol, Capellades (solo)

July 22 Casal Medionenc, St Joan de Mediona (duo)

Aug 11 Ullastrell (solo)

Sep 8 Niu Espai Artístic, Barcelona (duo)

Sep 22 Can Carol, Capellades (solo)

Oct 15 La Riciclària, Vic (duo)

Oct 20 La Casa Elizalde, Barcelona (duo)

Nov 4 Centre Cívic Vallvidrera, Barcelona (duo)

Nov 14 La Sonora de Gràcia, Barcelona (duo)

Dec 23 El Col·lecionista, Barcelona (duo)


Jan 4 Koitton Club, Barcelona (duo)

Jan 27 Sinestesia, Barcelona (duo)

Feb 18 Oncle Jack, L'Hospitalet (duo)

April 6 The Music Room, Barcelona (duo)

April 14 Voila!, Manresa (duo)

April  26 La Tratto, St Pere de Ribes (solo)

May 24 Centre Cultural Sant Sadurni (duo)

July 6 Can Carol, Capellades (solo)

July 13 Le Capuccino, Amiens, France (solo)

July 21 Main Stage, Folk on the Lawn Festival, Tintern, UK

July 21 Bar Stage, Folk on the Lawn Festival, Tintern, UK

Aug 17 Can Carol, Capellades (solo)

Sep 21 Niu Espai Artístic, Barcelona (solo)


May 19 La Casa Voladora, Mediona (with Santi Mendez, Biel Harper)

May 26 Cal Còbix, El Bruc (solo)

June 16 Private Concert, Mediona

September 15 Festival Escletxa, Can Serrat, El Bruc (solo)


March 6 La Casa Elizalde - Cicle Veus en Femení - amb banda


March 25 El Kiosk, Igualada - Unplugged (solo)

April 10 La Nau, Mediona - Unplugged (solo)